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Dewatering Equipment

Dewatering, also known as Thickening is a cost effective method of reducing the volume of sludge in order to drastically reduce hauling costs.

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Dollar Savings from Thickening
(Based on a 1 MGD Wastewater Treatment Plant)

Sludge Production:
Primary Sludge: 1000 lbs/day @ 3.0%
Waste Activated Sludge: 1200 lbs/day @ 0.72%

Total Sludge to be handled:
Without Siemens gravity belt thickener: 2200 lbs/day @ 1.1% = 24,000 gpd
With Siemens gravity belt thickener:
2200 lbs/day @ 6% = 4,400 gpd

Hauling Cost Savings:
Hauling without Siemens gravity belt thickener:
(1.1% solids = 24,000 gpd)
24,000 x $.02/gal x 365/yr = 175,200

Hauling with a Siemens gravity belt thickener:
(6% solids = 4,400 gpd)
4,400 x $.02/gal x 365/yr = $32,120
Total Savings ($175,200 - $32,120) = $143,080/yr

Filter Presses

J-Press consists of a heavy steel frame, engineered to support a pack of filter plates which are available in a variety of styles to fit your specific process or application. These filter plates are recessed on both sides, and when placed side-by-side, form cavities called chambers. The greater the number of chambers, the greater capacity of the filter press. The plate pack is sealed or clamped by a hydraulic cylinder, which is either electrically or pneumatically powered.

The cycle begins when the sludge, slurry or process liquid is pumped through the feed inlet into the chambers of the filter pack. Solids in the slurry or sludge are trapped by a filter cloth lining each chamber, while the liquid escapes through piped channels on the plate surface. The particle deposit continues to build until a cake is formed in each chamber. As the cake thickens, filtrate flow becomes restricted and pumping pressure rises until it reaches the set point where the feed pump shuts off. The J-Press is then opened, and the plates are separated to discharge the filter cake.

The J-VAP Dewatering/Drying System

The J-VAP Dewatering/Drying System joins a specially-designed diaphragm plate filter press with a patented vacuum/evaporation technology. The result is a single-step process that can achieve a field-selectable moisture reduction of up to 99%. The ability to produce high solids from difficult sludges and slurries, and to do so at a selectable dryness level, makes J-VAP the ideal dewatering/drying system for a wide range of applications, some of which include: Municipal water and wastewater sludges, industrial process slurries, industrial wastewater and sludge, food and beverage process and wastewater, ceramics, clarification of acids, Solvents and process solutions, Dewatering of industrial sludges, Food and beverage processing and wastewater treatment, Lumber treatment plants, Mining and reclamation of precious metals, Oil refineries, storage terminals and petrochemical plants, Oil fields, Power plants, Processing of pharmaceutical and chemical products, Processing of pigments and dyestuffs, Reduction of metal finishing waste.

Continuous J-Mate Sludge Dryer

While mechanical dewatering units can reduce sludge volume up to 20:1, a substantial amount of water still remains in the sludge cake material. The Continuous J-Mate Sludge Dryer changes the cake material to a dry granular form. The result is a further volume reduction of approximately 4:1. So effective is the J-Mate that the payback on your investment can be achieved in as little as 6 months. Engineered for high volume applications, the Continuous J-Mate Sludge Dryer offers patented features that deliver significant benefits in efficient, low maintenance sludge reduction.

Designed specifically for metal hydroxide sludge, sludge volume reduction ranges from 2:1 to 5:1. Fully automatic processing cycle. Minimal operator attention required. 98% efficient stainless steel venturi-type wet scrubber for high air quality, stainless steel construction of all internal wetted parts in drying chamber, all other parts are acrylic urethane painted carbon steel. Modulating control system for optimum energy use. Installation flexibility, simple loading and unloading. Highly efficient infrared heaters keep energy cost at a minimum. Available in LP, natural gas and electric. Optional hydraulic loading system automatically raises and empties drums or dumpsters into receiving hopper. No direct flame touching material. Electronic ignition used - no pilot light. The dry, granular material is emptied into a bag, barrel or dumpster for disposal. The J-Press filter press reduces 80 barrels of metal hydroxide sludge to 4 barrels of cake. While this is a substantial reduction, greater savings are realized with the addition of the J-Mate, since 60% to 80% of the filter cake is moisture. The Continuous J-Mate can further reduce 4 barrels of filter cake to 1 barrel of dry, granular material for easier, less costly disposal. Cake from the J-Press is loaded into the J-Mate receiving hopper using one of several options, thus reducing multiple handling and assuring continuous operation.

J-Mate Batch Dryer

Designed for low volume applications, the J-Mate Batch Dryer features a low heat, closed loop air handling system. Moisture extracted from the sludge filter cake is condensed, and the dry air is then reintroduced to the sludge in a continuous closed loop cycle that virtually eliminates emissions. This unique, low temperature process is ideal for combustible organic cake material and material which may emit unwanted fumes when exposed to heat. Heavy-duty construction, along with important operating features, make the J-Mate Batch Dryer an effective, easy to use method to remove costly filter cake moisture.

For materials requiring low temperature moisture reduction, the J-Mate Batch Dryer is an easy to use, cost effective drying system. Working in concert with J-Press, the J-Mate Batch Dryer can reduce 4 barrels of cake to approximately 1.5 barrels of dry material for reduced disposal costs. Filter cake material is loaded directly from the J-Press into the mobile hopper, which is then connected to the J-Mate for drying.

Siemens RTI Evaporators

Evaporation is a very effective means of removing water from aqueous waste. It requires a relatively small capital investment, low maintenance, and is capable of delivering zero discharge while allowing simultaneous reduction of different aqueous waste streams. No other method of treatment can meet all of these criteria.

Available in electric or gas models in a wide range of capacities, the Siemens RTI Series of evaporators combines the inherent benefits of evaporation with superior engineering, state-of-the-art controls and features designed to ensure easy operation and optimal performance.

J-Spin Solid Bowl Decanter Centrifuges

A product of superior engineering and proven field performance, J-Spin solid bowl decanter centrifuges offer an effective, minimal-maintenance solution to continuous liquid clarifying and solids dewatering. The J-Spin is a versatile system that is easy to operate and requires little operator attention. What's more, J-Spin is capable of adapting to varying throughput and process/material types.

The J-Spin enclosed design is very effective in reducing odor emission while dampening noise levels. The small footprint and minimal exposure to moving parts are beneficial in many applications.

Gravity Belt Thickener

The Siemens Gravity Belt Thickener efficiently reduces the volume on municipal wastewater sludge streams and industrial process slurries. It uses the principle of liquid separation by gravity drainage, and enhances that separation by incorporating a sludge-rolling action.

Its size and production range makes it suitable for nearly every size plant and/or in operations where manpower is limited. Its small footprint makes it ideal where available space is tight.


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