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High Performance Chemical Storage

Tank Equipment offers a wide variety of tanks and related equipment from high quality American manufacturers. Our line of chemical storage tanks can store a range of chemicals in varying degrees of concentrations. For projects requiring Sodium Hypochlorite storage tanks, caustic storage tanks, and Hydrochloric Acid storage tanks, we have the right solution for you.

For help with a new or existing system, call us today or fax us a sketch to get started. (303) 833-9200 Local, (800) 397-9135 Toll-Free, (303) 833-9205 Fax

Poly Processing Company

Poly Processing Company is the only rotational molding company with multiple facilities certified to the ISO 9001 standard for quality management. Product line includes vertical cylindrical, horizontal cylindrical, conical bottom, open top and spherical tanks. Innovative solutions include IMFOTM full drain vertical tanks and the SAFE-TankTM containment systems. Poly Processing tanks offer a wide variety of solutions for storage of high performance chemicals. CrossLinked Polyethylene (XLPE) with OR-1000 for NSF61 chemical specific certification is available.

LLPE vs. XLPE drop test. Click here for full videos.

Belding Tank Technologies, Inc.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks built to ASTM standards. Standard capacities from 100 to in excess of 100,000 U.S. gallons . Standard cylindrical molds from 24 inch to 360 inch diameter. Bulk storage, waste water treatment, chemical processing and many more. Custom FRP tanks factory built or field erected. Vertical and horizontal configuration. Flat, dished, cone, and sloped bottoms. Ladders, cages, catwalks, platforms, and handrails.

water tanks & light chemical tanks  |  high performance chemical storage  |  custom fabrication
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